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Master Maze

Master Maze Map Layout Software V 3.x

This page provides a free software tool for Windows made by CRasterImage that helps creating maps for tile based games and special image collections with tile set files for the lay out of maps for Dwarven Forge Master Maze.

The newest version of the software and tile sets for other games can be found on the web site for Tile System.

The drawing collections are adapted subsets of the tilesets created by Proving Ground Productions for use in the dundjinni software.

This page contains the Version 3 of Tile System and appropriate Master Maze set files.

Master Maze sets for the older Tile System Version 2 can be found on the Master Maze Map Layout Software V 2.x page .

Download & Installation Instructions:

Just download the zip file below and extract it to a place of your choice. It contains the Tiles System 3 Software, all necessary libraries and all currently available Master Maze drawings and photos sets.

When you first start the TileSystem.exe you might get an error message. Ignore it and use the menu entry 'File|Change TileSet' to select a tile set (.set file) of your choice.

The .set definition files used by the Tile System are xml and thus can be easily edited and adapted with any text editor. You find the main set files in the extracted root directory and the Master Maze set files in the MasterMaze\Sets subdirectory.

All tile entries in the set files contain a 'maxcount' value of 999. If you change them to the numbers of the tiles you own, the software warns you, when you exceed the amount of available tiles during map creation.

Please consult the help.txt file accompanying the Tile System software for information about it's features and a description of the .set xml file format.


As a result of the introduction of tile groups and other adaptions to the new features the folder structure and the file content structure has been changed. This means that maps you created with the version 2 will not be compatible with the new versions of the tile sets without some manual editing of the map xml files. So make sure that you keep the old tilesets and maps if you do not want to loose them!

Also note that any maps created with this tool or images must contain appropriate credits to the authors of the software and the image sets (Will be automaticllay generated with the set files provided here).


Name letzte Änderung Größe Beschreibung
MasterMaze-TileSystem-V3ZIP-Dokument11.10.200749.0 MBTile System V3 with Master Maze drawings and photos sets
My-Counts-SetsZIP-Dokument11.10.200715 kbSet Files with my current tile counts for our RPG groups.

Disclaimer: Since everything here is provided for free for private use, there is no warranty for anything. We neither do guarantee that the software or images fulfill specific requirements nor that it might not cause any damage to your computer, health or brain. We are also not responsible if you get addicted to Master Maze. ;-)